Violint Over Drive Pedal

Aqua Violint Over Drive Pedal

Aqua Violint Over Drive Pedal   Aqua Violint Over Drive Pedal   Aqua Violint Over Drive Pedal


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The Violint Over Drive pedal was developed to deal with the harsh sound at the decaying of a note - that so many other overdrive pedals produce.

The smooth and warm drive is very pick sensitive - making your playing and guitar tone virtually transparent. Crank up the gain, and you'll hear the beast coming out.

The rich odd harmonics (traditionally produced by tube amps) tone can drive any distortion pedal or amp to a warm and howling sound.


All AQUA-AUDIO products are hand made.



Operation Voltage: 9VDC nominal (power supply only)
Bypass: True bypass
Current draw: <3mA
Max gain: 20dB
Input Impedance: 470kOhm
Controls: Volume, Gain, Tone


Neutrik jacks
Reverse voltage protection
Die cast aluminum enclosure


Height: 4.8cm
Length: 11.5cm
Width: 6.8cm


Price: 200.00 USD
Shipping and handling: 6.80 USD


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