About Us

Being a part of Israeli audiophile community in the last few years, I've realised that finding a good product in a reasonable price is almost impossible.

Some of the community members challenged me to build them some custom made units. Since I had the necessary knowledge, I've accepted this challenge.

The feedbacks from the users brought me to the conclusion that I have something to contribute to the audio world and music lovers. I've decided to start my own project, and to build my own line of products.

Now I'm working close to the community members, who share with me their knowledge and needs, to be implemented in the new products.

In my products I'm trying to implement all I believe in as an audio expert and a music lover. Each product is handmade and tested individually for 100 hours of work before the delivery to the client. Each component is measured for its value, and all pairs of transistors are matched before being installed into the circuit. The faith that I have in my way of work, allows me to give warranty of five years for each product.

The production in small amounts gives me the ability to make custom changes upon customer request. This flexibility is often the closest thing to a tailor-made product.

In recent years, I've come back to my old love - playing the guitar. During my own quest for the perfect sound, I've started designing and building my own products.

I hope you'll enjoy listening to my products as much as I enjoy building them.


Sincerely yours,

Assaf Abramovich

Aqua Audio