Headphones Amp

Aqua Headphones Amp

Head is a headphones amp based on two mono-block amp topology in one case, and has all the benefits of a mono-block amplifier. Special care was taken in designing the output stage, in order to maintain the high quality sound - even when working with very demanding headphones.

The Head comes with an external transformer, and has an internal regulated power supply.


All AQUA-AUDIO products are hand made.


Special design features

  • Very high channel separation.
  • PCB topology for optimizing channel separation.
  • Very high endurance for RFI and EMI interferences.
  • Internal regulated power supply and noise filtering.
  • External transformer.
  • No digital logic.
  • Internal shielded wiring in minimum length.

Power supply

AQUA Headphones Amp power supply


Output power: 70mW @ 240ohm / 3Watt @ 8ohm load
THD: 0.0015% @ 1kHz
Signal to noise: 89dB
Frequency response: 20Hz - 100kHz @ -3db (0,1dB tolerance)
Power supply: AC transformer (2 x 18V/1000mA)
Headphone jack: 3-pole 6,3mm
Size (W x D x H): 105mm x 200mm x 65mm
Weight: 560grams (without ps)


Price: 435.00 USD
Shipping and handling: 28.00 USD


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